How to Sharpen Your Walk Behind Lawn Mower Blade

How to Sharpen Your Walk Behind Lawn Mower Blade

Your Cub Cadet walk behind lawn mower is useless without a sharp cutting blade.  The only way to achieve a quality cut and healthy lawn is to regularly replace or sharpen the blade on your lawn mower. To determine if it’s time for a blade sharpening or replacement, periodically inspect your lawn and lawn mower. If you see unevenness in your lawn or notice the tip of grass blades are torn and not cleanly-sliced, it’s time to sharpen or replace your lawn mower blade. Additionally, if your Cub Cadet lawn mower blade has dings, nicks or rust, then it is time to upgrade your blade.

Here’s how to sharpen the blade on your Cub Cadet walk behind lawn mower.

Before performing any maintenance on your lawn mower, refer to your owner’s manual for maintenance and safety information. Maintenance instructions vary by model. Depending on your model number, these instructions may vary.  Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

First, disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug to prevent accidental starting. Then turn the mower on its side to remove the lawn mower blade – make sure the air filter and carburetor side is facing up.

Place a block of wood between the blade and the frame of the mower to support the blade as you apply force to remove it. Remove the hex bolt and the blade bell support holding the blade and blade adapter to the engine crankshaft. Take the blade and adapter off the crankshaft. Remember, cutting blades are sharp so always wear heavy duty gloves when working with them.

Sharpen the blade with a mower blade sharpener, file, or on a grinding wheel. Do not try to sharpen the blade while it is still on your mower.

Secure the blade in a vice when sharpening with a file or hand-held grinder. When you sharpen the blade, follow the original angle and grind. To keep the blade balanced, grind each cutting edge equally. To test the blade balance, remove the blade and balance it on a round shaft screwdriver. Shave metal from the heavy side until the blade balances evenly.

Before placing the blade back on your lawn mower, lubricate the blade adapter and crankshaft. Lubricate the crankshaft and inner surface of the blade adapter with light oil and then slide the blade adapter onto the engine crankshaft.

Replace the blade adapter. The side of the blade marked “Bottom,” or with the part number, should face the ground when the mower is in operating position. Make sure the lawn mower blade is aligned and seated on the blade adapter flanges. Place the blade bell support on the .

Align the notches on the blade bell support with the holes in the blade. Replace and tighten the hex bolt by hand. Place the block of wood between the and the mowing deck housing again and tighten the hex bolt to the torque recommended in your owner’s manual.

Turn the lawn mower right side up and reconnect the spark plug. Start your lawn mower and listen for noises or vibration. Adjust the blade balance if necessary.

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Cub Cadet Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

Cub Cadet Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care is a never-ending job. For many of us, sunshine and warm temperatures indicate that it’s time to make our lawns healthy and beautiful. However, you should take care of your lawn throughout each season, even if ice is thawing and leaves are falling. Whether or not you live in an area that experiences all four seasons, these lawn care tips will help keep your lawn looking its best whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Lawn Care Tips for Spring

In the spring, there is a list of obvious maintenance to perform on your lawn from watering the grass to fertilizing to mowing. There are also a lot of not-so-obvious things to handle once the winter snow melts. For starters, remove leaves, sticks, twigs, and any other debris that accumulated during the winter. If your lawn suffered damage from cold temps, snow, ice, snow blowing or shoveling, you should replace the divots and place down new seed.

Many people know the importance of applying fertilizer to your lawn. In spring, applying herbicides to grass is beneficial as well. However, don’t apply both fertilizer and herbicide at the same time because herbicides will restrict grass growth.

Lastly, spring is the best time to get your equipment ready to work. Make sure your lawn mower and other equipment has had basic maintenance and is working properly. If not, you will still have time to perform repairs or buy new parts before too much grass has grown.

Lawn Care Tips for Summer

During the summer you should focus on mowing your lawn and watering it. With the high temperatures that summer brings, the best way to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful is to keep the grass a little long. Do not cut your grass to less than two inches in height because when grass is cut too short it is more likely to dry out and become damaged since the mower’s blades can’t shade the soil and roots from the sun.

If you’re using a sprinkler to water your grass, make sure you move it every half hour to ensure even watering. When watering during the summer, it’s best to do so early in the morning or in the evening. When the temperature is cooler, this prevents searing or scorching your grass when the sun is at its hottest.

Lawn Care Tips for Fall

To prepare for the fall and winter, fertilize your lawn one more time. Applying nutrients before the cold months will keep your lawn healthy and recuperate quicker in the spring. During the fall, it’s fine to mow your grass shorter than normal. This shorter grass won’t get as damaged by snow during winter. Fall is also a great time to put down new grass seeds in any dead areas.

Lawn Care Tips for Winter

During the winter, you’ll want to prevent damage and breakage to your grass, trees, plants, and shrubs. To do this, shovel your walkways to keep visitors off your lawn, which keeps the grass blades from flattening or breaking. Removing snow from shrubs and tree branches will also prevent breakage.

Winter is also a good time to trim branches, if needed. When tree limbs are dormant, the plant sustains less damage than when in full bloom.

Your yard will look its best if you utilize these seasonal lawn care tips. Well-maintained outdoor power equipment and parts are also essential to a great looking lawn. Just like your lawn, inspect your lawn mower and other equipment on a regular basis to make sure it’s ready to work when you need it.

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Cub Cadet Single-Stage and Double-Stage Snow throwers

Cub Cadet’s snow throwers  come in single-stage 200 and two-stage 500, 700, and 900.  The single-stage snow thrower is best for walkways and driveways, while the two-stage snow throwers are recommended for larger spaces.  However, both of Cub Cadet’s snow throwers feature the following:

  • zero-turn posi-steer power steering
  • fingertip steering controls for precise turning
  • no rust
  • single-hand operation for chute
  • high-impact, clog-resistant chute

The Cub Cadet two-stage 500, 700, and 900 snow throwers also include the following:

  • more durable for use in extreme conditions
  • cast-iron engine construction
  • scratch-resistent cool blue skid shoes

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